One of the newest and hottest trends right now in the CBD space is CBD oral strips. They are one of the easiest ways to consume CBD with a blast of flavor. A discreet and unique delivery method of 20mg CBD, 3mg B6! Our Pineapple Wellness CALM strips may help reduce stress and anxiety in some people, supports a healthy mood, it may also help reduce physical discomfort.* CALM can help clear your mind and bring you contentment.

  • What Are Oral Thin Strips?

    Thin strip technology has emerged as an alternative to traditional tablets, capsules, and liquid delivery of vitamins, minerals, and medications. Similar to the size, shape and thickness of a stamp, these wafer-thin strips are placed in the mouth below the tongue or in the cheek to allow absorption through the sublingual or buccal cavity.

  • What Do They Do?

    Thin-film strips dissolve in your sublingual (under tongue) or buccal (cheek) cavity which allows the medication, vitamin, and other ingredients to enter the blood stream directly, bypassing the first-pass metabolism. This means, you feel the effects in minutes vs. hours.

  • Oral Dissolving Strips

    Save Yourself The Hassle Of Carrying Around Bulking Containers And Bottles Of Water To Take Your Supplements On The Go. These Orally Dissolving Thin-Film Strips Are Perfect For On The Go, Discrete Consumption Of Your Daily Vitamins.

    CALM formula includes:

    • 20mg CBD
    • 3mg B6
    • Mint Flavored

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